Chapati Making Machine

Chapati making machine is used for the cooking of chapatis using the power. The machine promotes the making of healthy rotis, finely cooked in all sides evenly. 

Seed Cleaning Machine

Seed cleaning machinery is made for the purpose of cleaning the agricultural seeds. The damaged and dirty seeds can lead to downfall of agricultural sector.


Agricultural machinery promotes better advancement in the farm sector. The machinery simplifies the complicated procedures and enhances better productivity.

Diesel engine and spare parts are extremely demanded in the machinery industries and automobile sectors. These are strong and sturdy. Additionally, ensures high longevity.

Mixing Machine

Mixing machinery is used for the mixing applications. The machinery helps in better and even mixing of the raw materials. The machinery possesses sturdiness and durability.

Groundnut Decorticator

Decorticator is a machine which strip out the skin. it is also referred as shell removers. It is also used for stripping of groundnuts in the food processing industry.

Food Processing Machinery

Food processing machinery is made with advanced technology and newer technique to simplify the complicated tasks of the commercial food sectors. Its demands are getting raised in the industrial market.

Hotel Kitchen Equipment

Catering equipment, hotel kitchen equipment is a necessity in the food processing sector on commercial scale. The equipment range makes the food preparation processes fast, innovative, and easy.

Industrial Flour Mill Plant

Industrial flour mill plant is responsible for the grinding of various flours that are edible. The plant has an advanced crushing technique, which grinds leaving no lumps behind.